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Fillamentum is Highly Versatile For a Variety of Applications

  • Monday, 04 January 2021
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Fillamentum is Highly Versatile For a Variety of Applications

If you're wondering what it means, fillamentum refers to the final coatings added to certain parts before they are applied to the core, before final smoothing.fillamentum This coating typically consists of a binder and/or resin-based compound, such as polyimide, calcium carbonate or urea resin, which creates a smooth, even layer that adheres to the part's core material. The most common areas in which this type of coating is used include automotive finish oversides, outer edge applications and brazing applications. But how do you know where to buy them?

Most companies that sell filler material prefer to purchase their filaments in bulk quantities from manufacturers with a proven track record in high precision, high temperature and time needed for manufacturing.fillamentum fillamentum The leading supplier of this product is Plastisol, who supplies all required products under both our Plastisol direct-to-garment and Plastisol direct-to-load facilities. Not only do we have excellent quality control at our plant, but our in-house design team and machinists are also constantly evaluating the competition for any possible improvements in products or processes. By continually looking to improve our own production, we are able to provide our customers with the products that meet our exacting standards, and provide further assurance that they will be delivered on time and under budget.

Fillamentum products are available in both standard and high precision grades.fillamentum fillamentum High precision grade products have been designed and tested for use in extremely high temperatures, including those experienced during the manufacturing process itself. Standard grade fillamentum is commonly used for a variety of different applications in a variety of applications, but due to its lower melting point and plasticised consistency, it has limited uses outside of the high precision arena. While standard grades have excellent plasticisation characteristics and high melting points, it is not as heat-resistant as high precision grade.

The most common fillaments are polyester and phenolic compounds, which offer both excellent mechanical properties, and colour tolerance.fillamentum fillamentum With both types of composition, a fine filament is produced which is very thin and nearly transparent. This gives it a range of different potential uses and enables manufacturers to produce a high volume, low cost, high quality product. As its name suggests, this type of filament can be printed on, which increases its versatility. It can also be mixed with other materials during the manufacturing process or blended into a substrate during the printing process itself. This gives it both a low cost and customisability advantage.

Although the primary motivation for using fillamentum is the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates, another reason it is used so extensively is the flexibility of the raw materials.fillamentum fillamentum Because it is made up of several small, closely-knit composite molecules, it is easy to manipulate the properties of each molecule, greatly improving the overall properties and quality of the end product. When printed on a substrate, it is possible to get an exact match to the original, one that is completely free of errors, with an extremely high print speed and consistency. This is a major advantage over many other types of 3D printing methods, and is one reason that it is being used in many different industries.

An example of the type of filaments used includes aircraft fillers, rubber parts, synthetic rubbers and polyurethane.fillamentum There are several other examples of filaments being used for manufacturing applications, including ones which are used for fabricating high precision bearings. The key reason why fillamentum is so successful at producing high quality products lies in the ability to create a highly consistent design with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. This can be achieved by taking a low-density fibre and running a series of intricate filament lines through it, forming a smooth surface which can then be carefully machined to produce exact components.

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