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Vertigo Galaxy Stronghero3D PLA PETG 3D Printer filament 1.75mm Net weight 1kg accuracy +/-0.05mm

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$15.99 $25.99 kilogram
  • PLA Galaxy Red
  • PLA Galaxy Black
  • PLA Galaxy Purple
  • PLA Galaxy Blue
  • PLA Galaxy Silver
  • PLA Galaxy Chameleon
  • PETG galaxy blue
  • PETG galaxy red
  • PETG galaxy black
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Nozzle: 195-215 degree,

Platform: glass+solid glue or hair spray

Print speed : 15-35 mm/s

Before you buy ,suggest you get inquiry from to get accurate shipping fee and discount .

PETG colors, 

nozzle,220-230 degree, hot bed, 50-70 degree

speed: 22.5-37.5 mm/s, rectration length,4-7mm, rectration speed,45mm/s