Stronghero3D filaments

Germany Stronghero3D PLA PETG 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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$11.99 $25.99 piece
  • PLA Golden Fire 2 rolls
  • PETG Rainbow 2 rolls
  • PLA Golden Fire+PETG Rainbow
  • PLA Golden Fire+PLA Mirror Chrome
  • PLA silk&plus silver
  • PLA silk silver *4 rolls
  • PLA silk&plus copper
  • PLA silk&plus gold
  • PLA silk gold*4 rolls
  • PLA plus&silk yellow
  • PLA white
  • PLA white*4 rolls
  • PLA blue
  • PLA blue*4 rolls
  • PLA green
  • PLA green*4 rolls
  • PLA red
  • PLA red*4 rolls
  • PLA yellow
  • PLA yellow*4 rolls
  • PETG black
  • PETG black*4 rolls
  • PETG blue
  • PETG red
  • PLA Mirror Chrome Blue/Purple
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Buy 1 roll ,$11.99(€9.9) /roll

Limited time deal .

PLA is very easy to print ,nozzle tem 190-215 degree, heat bed ,room tem -50 degree

Suggest setting for PETG ,

Nozzle temp : 220-230 degree, Heat bed: stiff platform is better with solid glue, temp 50-70 degree

Rectration length 4mm, rectration speed 40mm/s, 

Printing speed : 25mm/s for infill ,shells and support , XY moving speed :110mm/s