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EU Available Stronghero3D PETG 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Net Weight 1kg Accuracy +/-0.05mm for A8 Cr10 Ender3

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$17.99 $28.99 kilogram
  • PETG rainbow VX
  • PETG white
  • PETG copper/brass/bronze
  • PETG marble
  • PETG black
  • PETG red
  • PETG yellow
  • PETG grey
  • PETG blue
  • PETG green
  • PETG flash rainbow 250g
  • PETG galaxy black
  • PETG galaxy red
  • PETG galaxy blue
  • PETG carbon
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Silk gold,Silk Silver


Please add multiple rolls to balance shipping fee, shipping within European by DPD or DHL

Want PLA filament, new restock , please go to this link, Many PLA filaments choices

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PLA is very easy to print ,nozzle tem 190-215 degree, heat bed ,room tem -50 degree

Suggest setting for PETG ,

Nozzle temp : 220-230 degree, Heat bed: stiff platform is better with solid glue, temp 50-70 degree

Rectration length 4mm, rectration speed 40mm/s, 

Printing speed : 25mm/s for infill ,shells and support , XY moving speed :110mm/s