Stronghero3D filaments

EU Available Stronghero3D PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm Colours available choose Net Weight 1kg for Anet Creality A8 Cr10 Ender3 German Warehouse

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$17.99 $29.99 kilogram
  • PLA black
  • PLA galaxy black
  • PLA galaxy red
  • PLA galaxy silver
  • PLA galaxy purple
  • PLA galaxy blue
  • PLA glitter blue
  • PLA rainbow EX31
  • PLA rainbow VX
  • PLA glow multicolors
  • PLA matte beige
  • PLA silk al-silver
  • PLA silk bronze
  • PLA Golden Fire
  • PLA blue/silver
  • PLA purple/silver
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PLA is the most good choice for 3d printing ,easy and smooth printing.

This listing include below ,

(1) PLA normal ,pla black;

(2)PLA galaxy glitter ,black,red,blue,purple,silver;

(3)PLA silk rainbow,

       (i) PLA EX, warm multicolors,

      (ii) PLA EX31, cold multicolors,

     (iii) PLA VX, full colors multicolors. 

(4) PLA glow mulcolors, pla glow blue/green, pla glow multicolors;

(5) PLA Matte ,beige and grey;

(6) PLA silk ,silk silver, silk bronze;

(7) PLA N2, 2 colors and 2 formulation, silk and galaxy glitter,  golden fire ,blue silver, violet silver

Want PETG, please go to this link, PETG filaments shipping within Europe